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Aged Care

Is the government considering a new tax to fund aged care?

Could this be a case of government giveth, government taketh away?


Cruisers turn to superyachts to satisfy their cruise cravings

Aussie cruisers turn to much smaller ships than you think …


International borders could reopen in June 2021

Vaccine the key to international entries and exits, says BCA.

Brain health

Sleep has the power to solve your brain and memory problems

Good-quality sleep throughout a whole night is optimal for learning and memory.

Aged Care

Government releases five-year road map to fix a 'national disgrace'

PM sees aged care report as an opportunity to fix a broken system.


What we know about the recently approved single dose vaccine

If we only get one shot at herd immunity, could this be our best shot?

Retirement Income

'Secret plan' to force retirees to use their home to fund retirement

Treasurer hints at plans to cut super and force retirees to use their home for funds.


Avalon airport first to introduce COVID testing kiosks

Avalon Airport installing sophisticated fever-testing stations in terminal.

Alternative Therapies

Nine ways to get (almost) instant relief from headaches

Got a headache but don't want to down a handful of paracetamol or ibuprofen?

Retirement Income

Australia pension market up 11.3% in 20 years, making it world's best

But that doesn't mean your fund averaged a return of 11.3 per cent over 20 years.


Cruise News: Plans for a return to sailing soon

Discussions are underway involving all the right people.


Does sex count as exercise?

Sex: it's fun (while it lasts), but can we really refer to it as exercise? Let's find out …

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