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Ben has a history of working in online publishing for over a decade, but remarkably holds stubbornly by his decision not to own a mobile a phone. A journalist for 20 years, Ben is just as happy at home with a good book or out watching the footy with his two girls.




Extraordinary facts about snakes

Seriously, where are the legs?

Age Pension

How to sell excess land and keep the Age Pension

Kathy wants to know whether selling excess land can stop the pension.


The top-selling-souvenir from every country in the world

Souvenirs are all we have to remember holidays, so choosing the right one can be crucial.


ACCC to keep a keen eye on travel issues this year

Australia's consumer watchdog expects that travel issues will dominate its work this year.

Brain health

Aerobic exercise could slow memory loss in those with Alzheimer's

Older adults living with Alzheimer's could benefit from more aerobic exercise.


Private health rebate levels are dropping, what does that mean?

Not only will private health premiums go up in April, rebates will go down.

Health news

Scientists closer to developing a vaccine for urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections disproportionally affect older adults, but there is hope for a vaccine.

Health news

Could your phone help to prevent blindness and glaucoma?

What if instead of damaging our eyes, we could use our smartphones to prevent blindness?

Seniors Finance

How financially comfortable are Australia's retirees?

The answer may surprise you.


Government reveals details of unit established to bust vaccine myths

Greg Hunt reveals that an agency has been established to tackle myths and misinformation.


Best grocery shopping apps

For those aiming to reduce their weekly grocery bill, there are many ways to save.


What happens to regional travellers when borders snap shut?

Does living in a regional area make you less likely to be affected by border closures?

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