Mobile Phones

Be wary of charging your phone using a public USB port

Have you ever used a public charging station to charge your mobile phone when it runs out of battery?


Google and Apple at war over iPhone security vulnerabilities

Apple forced to release statement addressing iOS security concerns.

Secure Access

Consumer spyware apps could violate Australian laws

Readily available consumer spyware products potentially violate a range of Australian laws relating to harassment, stalking, identity theft and fraud.


Need a mental break? Your phone is not the answer

Study finds that using a smartphone can lead to mental depletion and poor performance.

Safety Online

Tech Q&A: Should I use payment apps on my smartphone?

Paul is receiving prompts to use payment apps, but are they safe?


Is your smartphone as water resistant as you think?

Samsung is at the centre of Federal Court proceedings after the ACCC alleged the Samsung Galaxy may not be water resistant as claimed.


Best value smartphone for $500

YourLifeChoices member Tom wants to know which smartphone around $500 is the best value from a trusted well-known brand.


Phone apps you should know about

Smartphones have opened up a world of entertainment and information through apps. But what’s out there and which should you try?


Your iPhone is tracking you

While it may not surprise you that your iPhone is tracking you, did you realise that your every movement is recorded as a location along with a date and time stamp?


Yes, your smartphone is listening to your conversations

Ever felt as if your smartphone is listening to your conversations? Well, you’re not going crazy. Drew shows you how to disallow your smartphone apps from listening to you.


Downside of an upgrade

Columnist Peter Leith explains why the ‘Management’ has not had much to say recently.

Computer Tutorials

How to clean your smartphone, monitor or laptop screen

No matter whether you use a desktop monitor, tablet, laptop or smartphone, cleaning your screen regularly ensures smudges and stains are dealt with before they stick.

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