Doctors call for action on social media’s health misinformation

The peak body for Australia’s doctors has called on the government to invest in advertising to counter health misinformation being spread on the internet and…

Social Networking

Twitter is not censoring Trump. Free speech is not guaranteed

The recent storming of the US Capitol has led a number of social media platforms to remove President Donald Trump's account.


Are air fryers really that good?

Air fryers are all the rage as people look to healthier options for cooking their food, but are they as good as they claim?

Safety Online

Are Australians at a ‘turning point’ on cybersecurity or still unprepared?

Australians are on high alert about the threat of cyber attacks following Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s warning in June that Australia was targeted by a…


What should you do with your old devices? Recycle or repurpose?

Steve wants to know the best way to dispose of his old devices in an environmentally friendly manner.


99 per cent of Australians are affected by nomophobia

A BehaviourWorks survey has confirmed that 99 per cent of Australians suffer nomophobia, the fear of being without their mobile phone.


Everything you need to know about romance fraud

More than 4000 Australians reported being a victim of romance fraud in the past year alone.


Here is what Australians searched for on Google this year

From fires to facemasks and sourdough, this year's top trending searches show our wide spectrum of curiosities, worries and cravings.

Social Networking

I studied 5000 smartphone images and this is what I found

The photographs we prefer to take with our smartphone camera.


Simple tips to extend your printer ink

Printers are dirt cheap, but printer ink is like liquid gold. Here's how to make the most of it.


Your technology questions answered

This helpful page has information on Microsoft Word, updating your pc, anti-virus software, the purchase of Skype and help with getting started online. Do you…

Health news

Health alert: Elderly at risk from social media misinformation

Elderly Australians are particularly vulnerable in the time of COVID-19. Isolation and a need for accurate information has them turning to social media for answers, often with disastrous results.

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