NBN launches three new residential speed tiers

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NBN Co research has revealed that 23 per cent of customers surveyed across Australia have upgraded to higher speed internet plans within the last 12 months, and a further 24 per cent of customers surveyed indicated they are planning to upgrade to higher speed home internet connections within the next 12 months.

With many Australians still working, studying, shopping and entertaining themselves from home, the broadband operator said it was also seeing strong demand for higher speed services from new customers.

Around 80 per cent of customers connecting to the NBN network for the first time are choosing retail broadband plans based on wholesale download speeds of up to either 50 or 100 Mbps.

To further improve residential customers’ NBN experience, the company is overprovisioning the downlink component of the Home Fast and Home Superfast products by around 10–15 per cent, where possible.

NBN Co is planning to overprovision most other existing wholesale fixed line speed tiers starting from between June and August 2020.

The intention is that more customers can experience download speeds that are closer to the maximum theoretical download speed of their chosen retail speed tier, subject to factors such as the capacity of the internet retailer’s network and the efficiency and throughput of their in-home wiring, router and wifi equipment.

The NBN’s chief customer officer, Brad Whitcomb, said the pandemic had forced many people to reassess their internet needs.

“This period of self-isolation has given pause for many Australians to consider how important it is to choose the right plan to meet their needs and, generally, the more people and the more devices connected within the home, the more utility and benefit customers are able to derive from higher speed plans over the NBN network,” Mr Whitcomb said.

NBN Co has responded to increasing demand from customers for higher speed residential broadband services by launching three new residential wholesale products at attractive price points: Home Fast, Home Superfast and Home Ultrafast, each of which have been developed by NBN Co following detailed consultation with internet retailers.

Home Fast is available to internet retailers for an effective wholesale charge of $58 per month and is designed to offer peak wholesale download speeds of up to 100Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps, and is available across all fixed-line NBN technologies.

Home Superfast will offer peak wholesale download speeds of up to 250Mbps and upload speeds of up to 25Mbpsand is currently available to approximately 32 per cent of premises that are ready to connect to the NBN.

Home Ultrafast will offer peak wholesale download speeds of 500 to close to 1000 Mbps(subject to the access technology by which the service is supplied) and upload speeds of up to 50Mbps. Home Ultrafast is currently available to approximately 18 per cent of premises that are ready to connect to the NBN.

How has your internet been coping during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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  1. 0

    Rort after rort after rort…. wouldn’t it be nice if Australia had a standard fast internet availabe to all without having to upgrade to a faster package. But no, someone always has to make an extra buck. The rip off utility prices are not enough have to add some more. this coountry is going or has gone to the dogs.

  2. 0

    When I was forced off Telstra fast broadband which consistently ran at 115mBps, to NBN, for the same price I could only get a 50 mBps option.

    ie 1/2 the speed for the same price.
    Granted the upload speed has increased but that has no effect on my usage experience but the associated phone plan now gives me unlimited included calls. Previously I only got $20 worth of STD calls (metered at a max of $2 per call). But I never exceeded the $20 allowance.

    I would have far preferred the old plan but I was, like all of us, FORCED onto NBN. So much for free choice & progress.

  3. 0

    NBN is awesome compared to my old ADSL and less than half the price too.

  4. 0

    I was paying Telstra about$80 per month for ADSL2 which ran around 20mps which I was told was impossible given my location from the exchange. I have changed too other suppliers since forced into NBN. Dont forget tree govt was told NBN was not the way to go. I now pay about$65 for unlimited data at a speed of sound 50mps. Sounds great but after about 1 months the speed drops to the low 20’s. So I have gained but not what I was told I would. There was nothing my retailer could do. I changed too someone else and same thing. I rang Telstra and asked if that is what they will do too me. I was told that it was normal because NBN reduces three bandwidth to those of us who cannot afford the higher speed plans. I rang 2 other companies and was told the same thing. What God is NNN to us if they do this. Maybe they want to update the technology but can’t until they’re are enough complaints. I don’t know but I think it stinks they can do it. Of course you can’t contact NBN because there is no way to contact them. Nothing on their website. Maybe because they would be overloaded with complaints. Anybody else have this problem of slowing speeds?

  5. 0

    Haven’t even got NBN in our area yet — Sydney Northern Beaches — not looking Forward to it considering all the complaints.

  6. 0

    3 times in the last week my download speed has been below 1mbps. Thaks telstra and Turnbull for our great internet.What a disgrace



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