Travel SOS: What's the deal with face masks and flying?

Ian has seen reports of people flying without masks and wants to know if it is safe.

New measures will protect Australians from COVID-19 on all flights

New in-flight and in-airport measures should go a long way to protecting travellers.

Qantas takes out the 2020 world's safest airline awards

Flying kangaroo does it again despite operating far fewer flights in 2020.

Optimistic Qantas restarts international bookings

Australians should not get too excited about overseas travel, says minister.

Hope this new cabin design will make air travel in a pandemic safer

Will flying ever be the same again?

Qantas boss predicts international travel to stay at a 'standstill'

Despite the UK starting to rollout a vaccine, travel will still be sluggish next year.

Do you need a COVID flight clearance test to fly?

And do you have to pay?

Phallic flight stunt lands top executive in trouble

Phallic image drawn in the sky by popular budget airline.

Travel Vision: Virgin’s feelgood comeback ad

Virgin's comeback campaign will make you feel like dancing.

Qantas turns 100

A monumental birthday for the world's safest airline.

Qantas passengers will need COVID-19 vaccine for international travel

Passengers will have to vaccinated before boarding a Qantas international flight, says CEO.

Emirates ranked world’s most COVID-safe airline

UAE airline rated the safest airline in the world in its response to the pandemic.

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