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Older Australians pessimistic about employment prospects

Survey shows just 13 per cent of people believe Centrelink rules will help them find a


Mandatory retirement problems

Mandatory retirement ages are - rightly - mostly a thing of the past in Australia.


Ageism alive and well in jobs hunt

YourLifeChoices members tell how older job-seekers get a raw deal.


When words come first and last

The journey from first female AFL reporter to bookshop owner - never a dull moment.


First jobs: the good, bad and ugly

From a tobacco farm to a glue factory, we share our experiences.


James G Cowie post a comment 1 day ago

Older Australians pessimistic about employment prospects

It's not about blame, but doing what is right. Supposedly there is a politician responsible

hannahberry post a comment 9 months ago

Your rights in the workplace

The article provides readers with some useful information. I appreciate reading this article. Add some

Unknown post a comment 12 months ago

Ageism is alive and well in the jobs market

The biggest scandal against the matured job-seekers is the government's sponsored employment service providers. My

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